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HEIDENHAIN’s Latest Linear Feedback Optimized for Machine Tools

Specially optimized for feedback on machine tools HEIDENHAIN’s latest generation LCxx6 series linear scales are designed with an optimized internal scanning system. The series is resistant to liquid contamination and ideal for position measurement on machine-tool linear axes.

As one of HEIDENHAIN’s most ‘robust’ series of linear scales, the LC xx6 series offers the same mounting profile as its LC 1×5 / LC 4×5 encoders, though the newest LC 116 and LC 416 offer a different internal optimized scanning system which makes them easier to deploy.  This scanning design utilizes true optimized optics, which ensures clear imaging even with contamination and condensation eliminating many air-purge needs which reduces the CO2  footprint by 99%, thus raising the convenience and lowering the cost of closed loop position measurement. This new series closes the gap in performance in harsh environments when compared to inductive scanning.

The new scanning principle used in the LC 116 / LC 416 promises to extend several cost-saving benefits to its user, such as reducing the mounting effort for the installer (no need to run line lines for an air purge system), reducing operating cost (less air filter exchanges, less air purge consumption) and ncreasing machine efficiency (less machine downtime due to contaminated scales).

The available accuracies are ±3µm and ±5µm in either EnDat22 and FANUC05 interfaces. (1Vpp and Mitsubishi interfaces are not yet available).

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