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Frame Light Barriers Detect Objects In Free Fall

Recently introduced frame light barriers from di-soric in fork and frame construction primarily detect falling objects. They perform counting tasks and moreover are also suited for position-independent, functionally reliable presence, feature and position checks. Currently the only frame light barriers with an IO-Link interface, they offer users diverse options for implementing intelligent and process-reliable system concepts. Based on the precise coordination between transmitter and receiver, the sensors, which are available in different sizes, depending on the design, can be installed quickly and are operational within a very short period of time. In the dynamic sensor mode, their functional safety is ensured even in case of extremely heavy contamination.

With their high resolution, the frame light barriers, available in four (fork) and seven (frame) design sizes, recognize objects starting from a diameter of 0.7 mm in the entire detection range. With short activation times of 0.05 ms, they are suited for a wide range of counting and checking tasks in different areas of industry.

As a compact, open fork construction without impact resistance and crossbar with detection ranges of 30 x 30 mm to 100 x 100 mm, the OGWTI series tends to be used most often within machines and on conveyor belts. The typical areas of application are assembly, packaging, measuring and testing.

With its closed and more robust frame construction, the OGWSD series has impact protection and a removable crossbar, and is preferred for use outside of machines, primarily in material supply and removal. With detection ranges of 25 x 22 mm to 300 x 388 mm, it is typically used in the packaging industry, the tool industry and the mechanical engineering industry.

Both series detect very small and quickly moving objects within their entire detection range in a process-reliable manner. The dual di-soric operating concept provides users with simple setting and commissioning options via IO-Link. Alternatively, the frame light barriers can also be adjusted directly at the sensor either via two buttons (OGWTI series) or via four potentiometers (GWSD series).

With IO-Link, diverse options for sensor identification, configuration and diagnosis can be implemented as needed and efficient system solutions can be realized. Within the meaning of “predictive maintenance,” these innovative frame light barriers guarantee functional safety in ongoing operation via the ‘stability’ diagnostic value. The sensor displays its degree of soiling automatically, and cleaning cycles can thereby be planned in advance.

The durable frame light barriers have a robust, fully encapsulated metallic housing with stable M8 metal plug connectors. With a device length of only 15 mm or 12 mm, the new di-soric frame light barriers require only a small amount of installation space.

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