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Form Measurement Delivers Smooth Operation

At KRW, around 250 employees manufacture over 900 types of rolling bearings for more than 600 customers from all over the world. These come, for example, from the sectors rail and transportation, industrial and large-scale operations, engines, generators, turbines and even offshore technologies. KRW’s portfolio ranges from standard rolling bearings to customized special solutions with diameters from 50 mm to 1,500 mm, and as of 2023 up to 2,500 mm. The company also offers special precision components and accessories. In manufacturing, of course, the highest accuracy is essential to meet the high quality requirements.

KRW (Kugel- und Rollenlagerwerk Leipzig GmbH) has become one of the first customers to use the MarForm MMQ 500 form measuring machine. The company has already had extensive positive experience with the new Mahr universal formtester.

Faster, More Accurate, More User-Friendly

“Form and position dimensions are responsible for the fit and running accuracy of bearings,” says metrologist Martin Polimenow. “The tolerances here are very tight, and the demands on the measurement technology are correspondingly high.” Therefore, at the end of 2020, the company started looking for a suitable solution to expand its quality assurance. KRW found what it was looking for with the MarForm MMQ 500 form measuring machine from Mahr. This impressed the company in many respects, for example with its high axis accuracy, especially in the C axis, the intuitive software, and the reliable repeatability. The metrology technician also rates the user-friendliness with an A: “All processes go quickly and easily: changing the probe arm unit, aligning our parts, moving the axes.”

Martin Polimenow – KRW Measurement Technology Specialist

The fact that the MMQ 500 can run with automatic measuring programs that are quick and easy to create has had a particularly positive effect on daily work in the measuring room. This speeds up and expands the measuring process and increases repeatability. In addition, the stored sequences mean that even employees with little metrological experience can perform extensive tests reliably and repeatably.

Universally Applicable

At KRW, the MMQ 500 is located in an air-conditioned precision measuring room next to the grinding shop. The measuring technicians use it daily in three-shift operation, and it is used universally for different rolling bearing components such as outer and inner rings and rolling elements. They measure many different characteristics such as roundness, flatness, straightness, cylindricity, parallelism, running, coaxiality and radial runout or waviness. Metrologists save time by being able to recalculate measuring elements. Also very helpful is the ability to create measurement references that prevent residual eccentricity in the measurement. “I also find it practical that I can create multiple protocols. This gives me all measurement results at a glance,” says Polimenow.

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