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Fast Long-Range Sensor Precisely Measures Moving Targets at High Sampling Rates

Acuity Laser has released the AR2700 High-Speed Long Range Sensor, their highest speed long range sensor to date. This ultra-compact rangefinder is eye-safe and has a measurement frequency of up to 40 kHz. It can measure natural targets up to 70 meters away or to retroreflective targets 270 meters away.

For applications that demand high sampling rates, the AR2700 is a great fit. The sensor has a maximum sampling rate of 40,000 samples per second and measurements can be triggered using an input signal wire or a serial command at rates up to 30Khz.

Versatile, High-Speed Applications

The AR2700 High-Speed Long Range Sensor is offered as a ready-to-use device with industry standard housing. Designed for measurements of moving targets, the distance sensor is ideal for detecting objects in industrial automation or for monitoring defined areas in transport and logistics applications.

Typical applications for the AR2700 include bridge crane monitoring, trolley positioning, altitude measurements. Its high sampling rate and ultra-compact case make it ideal for industrial scanning applications and OEM installations with a tight fit.

A Suite of Long Range Sensors

The AR2700 is one of five long range offerings from Acuity Laser. Each product fits a pre-selected criterion of needs, and the AR2700 fills the following needs:

– High speed with sampling rates up to 40 kHz

– Measurement range up to 70 m (270 m with reflective targets)

– Accurate to within ± 60 mm

– Eye-safe, infrared laser (Class 1) that is designed for industrial environments with NEMA-4, IP67 enclosure ratings

– Operating temperature between -40 °C and +60 °C

A time-of-flight rangefinder, the AR2700 measures distance with a rapidly-pulsing collimated laser beam that creates an infrared spot on a target surface. With an ultracompact design, the AR2700 is used by equipment manufacturers for applications that demand very high sampling rates.

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