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FARO Focus Core Laser Scanner Opens Door To More Applications

FARO Technologies has announced the release of the FARO Focus Core Laser Scanner. The new Focus Core broadens the Focus family’s potential range of applications by providing the ideal combination of price and performance on the market. Fully integrated into FARO’s workflow solutions for application-specific insights, Focus Core uniquely serves the company’s key markets in construction, building operations, and public safety and is ideal for beginning a customer’s 3D capture experience.

Focus Core provides exceptional capturing efficiency, data quality and accuracy for professional applications, with scan speeds of less than one minute per scan. Features include up to a 70-meter scanning range, smartphone-enabled remote-control capabilities, and an improved and faster Wi-Fi wireless workflow.

“This new solution offers the ideal entry point into 3D reality capture, with a best-in-class price-performance ratio,” said Oliver Buerkler, Director of Laser Scanning. “A wider range of professionals in construction, public safety and building operations will benefit from the Focus Core’s improvements in efficiency, cost per scan and reliability.”

When combined with an optional subscription to the FARO Stream mobile app, Core users will benefit from real-time, on-site pre-registration, which enables faster project completion and reduces scan rework. Focus Core is also compatible with FARO Sphere, the company’s cloud-based SaaS platform, which enables global collaboration, fast delivery of as-built construction data, and the ability to make better informed decisions in less time.

“With Focus Core, Stream and Sphere FARO provides customers with a unique solution for capturing, managing, collaborating and storing highly accurate reality data for faster and improved decision making,” Buerkler added. “The ability to acquire better 3D model data, faster, and to share insights across a digitally connected world, is the key differentiator of FARO’s reality capture ecosystem.”

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