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FARO Announces Release of Hybrid Reality Capture

FARO has announced the release of Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by Flash Technology. Flash Technology is said by the company to be a first-of-its-kind accelerated workflow that combines the accuracy of a 3D laser scan with the speed of a panoramic camera. By addressing the speed-accuracy tradeoff (SAT) users can expect to save up to 50% of scanning time for projects.

Hybrid Reality Capture powered by Flash Technology is a scan mode for the FARO Focus Premium Laser Scanner, available as an add-on subscription, controlled through the FARO Stream mobile app. Accessed through Sphere, the company’s SaaS cloud-based information platform, the scan mode is ideal for AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) companies taking large-volume 3D reality capture scans and public safety professionals eager to mitigate worst-case scenarios as part of their pre-incident planning. Hybrid Reality Capture is a best-of-both-world’s innovation that will improve on-site productivity, ensure predictable accuracy, and deliver state-of-the-art colorized visual clarity at a highly affordable price.

The company press release states “While the hardware and software that brought hybrid reality capture to life is evolutionary in nature — 3D laser scanning in its earliest forms goes back to the 1960s — Flash Technology is a revolution in how large-volume projects will be scanned in the years ahead.”

Once enabled, Hybrid Reality Capture provides faster scans of less than 30 seconds. Thanks to proprietary smart upscaling algorithms, the output includes all collected images and points captured by a Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera and Focus Premium Laser Scanner and results in full-color scans that look more crisp than the same resolution scans with traditional methods. And because both the static scans and panoramic images are taken so fast users can scan large areas in much less time.

With Flash, there is no longer the need to sacrifice speed for accuracy and accuracy for speed. That means the ability to take additional scans for as-built documentation that might not have been considered with slower scan times on large-volume projects is now possible.

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