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FANUC Unveil Latest Combined PLC/CNC Motion Controller

FANUC America Corporation has unveiled its latest combined PLC/CNC motion controller Power Motion i-MODEL A Plus (PMi-A Plus). Users throughout the world trust FANUC’s control and servo technology, reliability and support for CNC machine tools, but PMi-A Plus unlocks the ability to use FANUC controls for general motion control equipment.

Launched at the MODEX exhibition showed the PMi-A Plus controlling FANUC’s new Alpha i-D Series Servos and Drives to power an Automatic Storage Retrieval System tended by a FANUC CRX-10iA . Visitors viewed the PMi-A Plus accurately controlling seven axes simultaneously while the collaborative robot bin picked different products.

“This demonstration displayed at the recent launch shows FANUC’s factory automation and cobot product lines working together to provide a one-stop-shop automation solution,” says Jon Heddleson, General Manager of FANUC America’s Factory Automation. “Our CNC seamlessly integrated with the collaborative robot shows the possibilities for FANUC products to fuel all parts of an automated warehouse cell.”

The CRX cobot is integrated via FANUC’s Robot ON-SITE, which simplifies the connection of a FANUC cobot or robot to a FANUC CNC. Up to four FANUC cobots or robots can be connected to one FANUC CNC through the platform, which can enable true lights-out production.

Because the PMi-A Plus is acting as the automated cell’s controller, no additional programmable logic controller is needed. Additional FANUC technology featured in the demonstration included FANUC’s new industrial PC iPC, which offers a durable touchscreen HMI with faster processing speeds and secure connectivity. The customized graphical screens are achieved by FANUC Picture to ensure simple operability.

The Power Motion i-MODEL A Plus can control multiple pieces of industrial equipment as well as run multiple programs simultaneously and independently. A maximum of 32 total control axes can be grouped in up to 10 independent control paths, each path containing a maximum of 24 axes and four axes of simultaneous motion. PMi-A Plus’ advanced functions enable flexible motion control by using position, speed, torque and/or pressure feedback.

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