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Eleven Dynamics Announces Strategic Partnership With Scantech 3D

Eleven Dynamics has announced an official OEM partnership with 3D scanning technology company, Scantech 3D, based in China.

Future of Automated Precision

Under the partnership, Eleven Dynamics will bring a new level of integration to customers who can now order Scantech 3D hardware integrated with the flagship Eleven Dynamics NEXOS Software.

This latest Eleven Dynamics collaboration stands by the company ethos of “Buy it. Plug it. Run it” and promises a seamless integration for a smarter tomorrow, embodying a future where advanced technology meets user-friendly solutions.

Revolutionizing Metrology

With NEXOS Eleven Dynamics is revolutionizing Industry 4.0 processes with its cutting-edge software solutions, NEXOS AIR and NEXOS 4.0. The company’s unique selling point lies in its ability to offer automated solutions without hardware or software dependencies. With NEXOS, any hardware, any software becomes one solution.

A company spokesman stated “looking ahead, we are excited about our upcoming bundles for AM-Desk and AM-Cell. These innovations are set to revolutionize metrology, furthering our mission of crafting an automated future.”

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