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eBUS Edge Simplifies Sensor Design for Advanced Inspection

Pleora Technologies has expanded its machine vision portfolio with a new software solution that converts embedded platforms, sensors, and cameras into GigE Vision devices. With eBUS Edge manufacturers can quickly and cost-effectively design or upgrade imaging solutions for more advanced applications, including 3D inspection and multi-sensor Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems, without investing in new hardware.

“eBUS Edge provides significant cost and integration advantages for manufacturers developing advanced inspection systems, including 3D, robotics, motion tracking, barcode reading, industrial drones, and sensor-based measurement,” said James Falconer, product manager, Pleora Technologies. “With our ‘zero footprint’ software approach, manufacturers can quickly develop GigE Vision-compliant imaging and sensor solutions that interoperate with other devices and integrate with machine vision processing in multi-vendor systems.”

A leading sensor manufacturer is deploying eBUS Edge in its latest system for 3D inspection of parts and electronics for the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries.

For 3D inspection, designing eBUS Edge into imaging devices helps manufacturers overcome multi-part data support and interoperability challenges that traditionally add cost and complexity. Pleora’s software solution converts 3D images and data into GigE Vision and GenICam compliant time-stamped data that is transmitted with associated metadata over low-latency Ethernet cabling. Data from multiple sensors, including 1D and 2D images, can be synchronized and transported in parallel using multiple streams. To simplify image processing, the 3D data is received, analyzed, and displayed using off-the-shelf machine vision processing. In comparison, competing solutions require proprietary approaches for 3D data transmission and limit processing choice.

In IIoT and robotics applications, designers are using eBUS Edge to create small form-factor GigE Vision embedded imaging and sensor devices that are easily networked and integrate with machine vision processing solutions. In these multi-sensor applications, embedded processing can make local decisions, transmit processed data to other sensors or standard vision processing solutions, and respond to control requests from a host controller over a low latency GigE Vision Ethernet connection.

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