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Dynamic Diffuse Sensor uses Conveyor as Reference

The new dynamic reference diffuse sensor DRT25C.R from Leuze uses the conveyor as a reference, and because the detection does not rely on objects, no adjustments are required when changing products. The sensors are based on the innovative CAT technology (Contrast Adaptive Teach), which enables a new operating principle for binary switching sensors.

Reliable detection

The flexible sensor detects all objects that differ from the conveyor belt surface. This detection principle from above is object-independent and reliable. With its high operating range of 450 mm, the DRT25C.R detects regardless of whether items are transparent or have printed film.

Maximum flexibility

Plant operators can set it up in a matter of seconds: After pressing the teach button once, the conveyor surface is saved as a reference value. Two teach levels offer maximum flexibility. There is no need to change the settings after a product changeover, as the reference is still the same. That means there is no setup time.

Unlike traditional diffuse reflection sensors, the container sensor is more reliable if vibrations and contamination occur on the conveyor belt. These are compensated for by the Contrast Adaptive Teach technology. Plant operators who need additional functions, such as warning messages, can easily integrate these via IO-Link.

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