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DWFritz Launches Rotational Metrology Platform

DWFritz Metrology has announced the launch of its ZeroTouch Rotational Metrology Platform (ZTR). DWFritz Metrology is a wholly-owned subsidiary of DWFritz Automation, which The Sandvik Group recently acquired. ZeroTouch ZTR is a non-contact, micron-level, high-speed metrology and inspection platform designed to simultaneously capture and measure multiple part features for rotors, stators, brake disks, and other parts that fit within the cylindrical measurement envelope. An innovative, production-ready system, ZTR functions in manual or fully automatic mode and can be configured for in-line or near-line use. The system has a small footprint and supports a wide range of part dimensions and weights.

“We are very excited to launch ZTR and expand our ZeroTouch product portfolio. With the recent growth in the EV market, I believe that ZTR is perfectly suited for many inspection and quality applications that will allow our customers to rapidly qualify their parts while in production, accelerate their time to market and revenues”, said Dave Mendez, Vice President of the ZeroTouch business unit. “Furthermore, our recent acquisition by Sandvik provides us with a much larger global footprint, which will allow us to serve the global market better,” noted Mendez.

ZTR is a robust, production-ready non-contact metrology platform that captures and analyzes millions of data points in ~30 seconds. This versatile system combines multiple non-contact sensors in a unique architecture that allows the measurement and inspection of the entire part surface, generating a digital twin that consists of a high-density, micron-level point cloud. ZTR inspects all Critical to Quality (CTQ) measurements in seconds versus tactile methods without requiring developer coating to capture data from shiny surfaces. The system is also capable of inspecting insulating enamel or impregnating resin and coatings on hairpins.

“The rapid expansion of the electric vehicle market is increasing the demand for high-speed, precision metrology and inspection of the complex components used in their metrology solutions to fill that need,” said Mike Fritz, CEO of DWFritz Automation. “The ZTR provides the robust and highly accurate production inspection of these precision parts manufactured by this exciting industry. Whether for the aerospace, automotive, or electric vehicle industry, by enabling continuous workflow improvements in design, production, and inspection, ZTR is an integral component of any quality-focused manufacturing process.”

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