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Dual-Head Sensor for Shadow-Free Scanning and Optimum Visibility

3D quality inspection and metrology sensor manufacturer, SmartRay, has developed a new solution designed to overcome the problem of shadowing in 3D scanning applications. The new Dual-Head ECCO 95+ models use a combination of SmartRay’s industry-leading cameras to ensure that all the target areas of a scanned object are inspected.

Traditional single-head sensors may experience shadowing from raised surface areas. Shadowing occurs when the laser hits the target point, but the camera is blocked from viewing it. This can lead to missing 3D data points, reducing accuracy and leaving parts of the sample uninspected.

By adding a second camera operating at a symmetrical angle to the first, the Dual-Head ECCO 95+ sensors can ensure the target area is still seen, so data points are not missed. This is suitable for a wide range of applications that may be affected by shadowing, but particularly automotive parts, semiconductor and consumer electronics.

Three models are available, each offering a different field of view, measurement range, and stand-off distance, to ensure the right solution for the various customer applications. The Dual-Head ECCO 95.010+ has a field of view of 11mm (mid), while the Dual-Head ECCO 95.040+ has a field of view of 36mm (mid) and the Dual-Head ECCO 95.200+ 190mm (mid).

The Dual-Head ECCO 95.010+ and Dual-Head ECCO 95.040+ sensors use a 450nm brilliant blue laser, while the Dual-Head ECCO 95.200+ uses a 660nm red laser. As with all the ECCO 95+ 3D sensors, they deliver fast, ultra-high-resolution scanning and superior image quality, for quality inspection and metrology.

Clare Rathsack, Business Unit Manager – ECCO Sensors, from SmartRay said: “Our new Dual-Head ECCO 95+ sensors offer end-users an innovative solution for 3D scanning applications where shadowing may occur. The sensors ensure a complete set of measurements and, in quality inspection applications, provide complete coverage of the target area. The high-speed, precision scanning of our ECCO 95+ sensors maintains both productivity and quality.”

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