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Digital Twin Consortium Showcases Digital Twin Technology

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) has announced its Technology Showcase, a reference library of use cases and case studies demonstrating the value of digital twins at the different phases of the lifecycle. The reference library provides insight into various digital twin technologies, building blocks, methodologies, and techniques, based on domain-specific scenarios with value-driven outcomes.

“This marks a critical stage for DTC as members are moving from the conceptual stages of digital twins and their design and applying them to address real-world needs,” said Ron Zahavi, Executive Director of DTC.

“These initial use cases of our technology showcase highlight the significant value digital twins provide to achieve transformational business outcomes,” said Dan Isaacs, DTC GM, and CTO. “Our members and liaisons collaborate to architect, develop, test, deploy, and maintain digital twin-based solutions.”

“The use cases demonstrate concepts that are immediately useful for commercialized environments for near-term value,” said John Reynolds, CEO of the Agile Fractal Grid and co-chair of the DTC Natural Resources working group. “Each will use the composable digital twin process championed by the DTC so that a complete supply chain can emerge if needed.”

“In the DTC Technology Showcase, we investigate new ways of applying digital twins,” said David Shaw, Intuitus Corp., co-chair of the FinTech, Security and Trustworthy, and Aerospace and Defense Working Groups. “They provide a two-way flow of real data, enabling us to study more issues from more vantage points than standard simulations. Digital twins offer predictive capabilities and analytics that we can apply to any industry for improved performance, sustainability, resilience, and accelerated production.” 

The use cases include:

Manufacturing Quality Control Via Remote Operator – The use case demonstrates remote verification of manufacturing components in real-time. A digital twin provides a digital replica of the manufacturing cell, enabling manipulation and quality control inspection of manufacturing cells using Virtual Reality. The twin tracks the manufacturing line’s energy efficiency, performance metrics, and maintainability.

Digital Twin Consortium continues to develop use cases for the Technology Showcase.

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