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Digital Transformation Playbook Creates Roadmap For The Journey

Organisations of all sizes and types aren’t simply facing a higher velocity of change in their business, market and industry. Today, they must keep pace with rapidly accelerating change. This became especially true during the COVID-19 health crisis. Organisations that had already begun their digital transformation journey were prepared with the tools and platforms to shift to remote work, recalibrate supply chains for changing demands and unplanned interruptions and transact with customers in new ways.

Digital Transformation is a Journey that’s as Much About People as it is About Technology

Now, many of these organisations are thriving and adapting faster than ever. But the landscape is continuing to change for all of us, and it has become clear that ‘business as usual’ will mean something very different from what it meant in the past. Those early investments are not enough to keep up in a world that has not finished evolving. Introduction.

There’s no going back to the level of digital adoption we saw before the pandemic – what we used to call digital transformation has now become digital acceleration. Whether you’re excited or daunted about digital transformation and acceleration, the Microsoft playbook can help tackle the process in incremental steps.

Digital transformation is not a one-size-fits-all scenario, nor does it manifest through a single chess move. Digital transformation is a journey that creates value, solves problems and empowers people to do their best work while looking for ways to contribute to the public good. The playbook is a roadmap of that journey. Depending on where a company is in its process, the playbook can be used from beginning to end or just jump to the most relevant section.

An Innovative Approach To Digital Transformation

“We’ve worked with more than a thousand companies on their digital transformation journey and have noticed a clear appetite to place digital transformation and acceleration within a wider context that nurtures the public good. Addressing global economic and societal crises while protecting our planet present some of the greatest challenges of our lifetime. It is fundamental to support inclusive economic opportunity, protect fundamental rights and create a sustainable future. It’s not too late to put together a future that allows everyone to not just survive – but thrive by harnessing the power of technology. As we’ve worked with companies on digital transformation, we’ve refined and optimised the process into a framework we call I.D.E.A. I.D.E.A. applies broadly tested and accepted concepts from leading institutions and research firms and comprises four key phases” state the playbook authors.

Four Elements to a Successful Strategy

Inspire: The Inspire phase helps you envision the future state of your business and define a strategy for achieving it.

Design: The Design phase prompts you to scope your transformation aspirations and technology roadmap through a series of business-value and technical assessments.

Empower: The Empower phase helps you build support for your vision throughout the organisation using visual assets, solution demonstrations and immersive experiences.

Achieve: The Achieve phase helps you move your organisation from vision to action.

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