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Digital Sense of Touch Key to Automating Robots and Machines

By using intelligent material systems based on DELFA platform technology, robots and machines can be equipped with a digital sense of touch. This machine sensitivity is realized by combining a rubber-like sensor element with intelligent electronics. The sensors thus expand the range of applications in robotics by providing sensitive digital force and displacement measurement. Their use makes machines more intelligent and powerful.

Using the example of a robot-controlled gripping process, in cooperation with the technology leader for reversible adhesive systems, INNOCISE GmbH, a sensitive sensor system was developed in combination with a bio-inspired gripping technology. This sensor can also be combined with the SCHUNK gripping system ADHESO.

“The built-in intelligence of our sensor can significantly increase the process reliability of the handling operation,” explains Dr. Philipp Linnebach, CEO and co-founder of DELFA. “In addition to the gripping process, the recorded weight provides information on whether the component is the right one. This optimization makes the INNOCISE grippers even more powerful.”

The DELFA sensors were developed on the basis of ‘dielectric elastomers’. These are adaptable material systems that allow high strains and are very light. Based on a simple operating principle, the sensor systems digitize mechanical functions. They can thus continuously record and evaluate tensile and compressive forces as well as positions, strains or motion sequences.

DELFA technology can be easily retrofitted into existing robot and machine systems and optimize them and represent the future of intelligent sensors with unique properties for products in different sectors such as industrial, automotive and medical fields.

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