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Detector Feature to Improve Quality Inspection on the Production Line

Neurala, supplier of vision AI software, has announced the launch of its new detection technology, designed and developed for manufacturing and industrial settings. Neurala’s latest feature enables manufacturers to find and identify objects in a field of view to ultimately improve the quality inspection process.

The release of Neurala’s detection feature is the latest AI model from the company, adding to its existing classification and anomaly recognition capabilities. With the addition of detection, manufacturers can now easily find objects in a field of view, opening up new use cases and applications across industries such as robotics, automotive and logistics. For example, automotive parts manufacturers could use Neurala’s detection feature to ensure the correct number of parts are in any given kit when checked against a bill of materials. If the technology identifies an object or part is missing, it can flag it to the system to be handled accordingly.

“At Neurala we are on a mission to help the industrial and manufacturing industries harness the power of vision AI. With the addition of detection, manufacturers will be able to unlock new use cases and applications that will help them advance their Industry 4.0 initiatives,” said Max Versace, CEO and co-founder of Neurala. “We’ve heard from our partners that detection is a feature their customers have been asking for, so we are excited to bring this capability to market as we continue to expand our solutions and offerings aimed at helping manufacturers improve the quality inspection process.”

Existing detection solutions on the market are hard to program and lack adaptability, making them inaccessible to the everyday manufacturer. With Neurala’s detection technology, part of the Neurala VIA software suite, manufacturers have a solution that is quick and easy to program, regardless of skill level or AI expertise. It is also flexible, so manufacturers can seamlessly integrate detection with an existing environment or adapt it to changes in the production line. As a result, manufacturers will see better, faster implementation which ultimately improves ROI.

“Today’s manufacturers are under pressure to deliver, so they are looking for innovative solutions that will add value to their production line,” said Andrea Rossi, Managing Director, Visionlink srl. “The addition of detection expands the breadth of what Neurala’s VIA solution is capable of, giving customers a solution that addresses their most pressing needs while saving time, money and resources to improve their bottom line.”

In conjunction with the launch of its detector feature, Neurala is also releasing EtherNet/IP, expanding VIA’s ability to easily integrate into existing machinery, without the need for additional adapters or specialized knowledge. The most common industrial protocol in North America, the addition of EtherNet/IP as the next industrial protocol VIA supports enables Neurala to better serve both new and existing customers with native supported industrial outputs.

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