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Detachable Joint Robot System Enables Rapid Robotic Arm Configuration

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan’s largest and one of the world’s leading high-tech applied research institutions, has announced the introduction of a Detachable Robot Joint System at the CES 2024 exhibition.

ITRI has developed the innovative robot joint module for the rapid assembly of various robots with different configurations, including different numbers of joints and various payloads. This innovative robot joint module utilizes EtherCat for communications among peripherals for integration and coordination such as various sensors, drive controllers, encoders, motors, and brakes.

The Detachable Robot Joint System compact design helps achieve the world’s highest torque-to-volume ratio. Instead of the time-consuming substitution of robot arm joints due to repair and maintenance, only five minutes is required for joint replacement via the detachable mechanism designed in ITRI’s robot joint.

The innovative robot joint, with a rapid detachable mechanism, will enable new thinking about use cases, and it can be applied to diverse industries such as machinery, manufacturing, medicine, and even services and enables the customized creation of robots with high payload, multiple axes, or wide-ranging operations, catering to the demand for flexible and small-batch production. Compared to industry-standard joint modules, the Detachable Joint Robot System is not only lighter but also boasts a superior load-to-weight ratio.

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