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CT Scanning Service Provider Receives Coveted Aerospace Supplier Status

Jesse Garant Metrology Center, has recently received supplier status with a number of major aerospace companies operating in the civil and defense sectors.  Through years of continuous improvement and the addition of certifications, supplier status has been granted with the following:

Rolls Royce: According to Sabre3 Quality Requirements

Raytheon Technologies (Collins/UTC/Hamilton Sundstrand/Goodrich): According to CTM Quality Requirements

Pratt & Whitney: According to CTM Quality Requirements

The company made a pivotal shift back in 2014 when computed tomography was quickly growing in popularity, but the technology fundamentally lacked a governing body for non-destructive testing (NDT) related to the aerospace sector. Over the last 8 years the organization has consistently evolved in becoming compliant to; general aerospace standards, specific imaging standards developed by professional organizations, export control requirements, safety requirements, and most recently quality requirements for major aerospace companies.

“We are very pleased to be a qualified service provider for these major aerospace companies. The techniques we have implemented into our business model have provided our company and staff the accountability and tools required to operate in this elite aerospace sector” states Jesse Garant , President.

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