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Creaform Redefines Customer Care With Updated Plans

Creaform has announced some major changes to its Customer Care Plan offer. Always striving to provide its customers with the best possible experience and support, Creaform improved its Customer Care Plan offering with several options to ensure a perfect fit. By providing this added flexibility for anyone using its technology, Creaform reinforces its commitment to their success and the desire to better serve their needs.

This new valuable addition to the Creaform experience arose from extensive conversations, both internally and with its customers, to ensure a holistic understanding of user needs and preferences, ultimately leading to an offering that seamlessly aligns with their expectations. These enhancements not only streamline the Creaform experience, but also ensure the best performance for the customers’ products.

As a result, the new plans are now available in two levels: Basic Customer Care Plan and Select Customer Care Plan. Both including a wider range of possibilities thanks to this new approach with more options, these plans enable the customers to pick and choose the options that best suits their needs.

Basic Customer Care Plan: A simple, ready-made solution for customers that require minimal validation of their system. It keeps track of their system’s performance, while benefiting from Creaform’s reputed customer service experience.

Select Customer Care Plan: This plan can be tailored to the customers’ needs by choosing the required options on top of the warranty on parts and labour. It ensures that their systems’ working conditions and performance stay at peak efficiency.

While the shipping from Creaform to customers is included in all plans, the coverage can be adapted to the many different realities of the varied people using Creaform’s technology. While they get to choose options such as ‘Accident coverage’ and ‘Secure Remote Access/Assistance‘.

Customers can also choose between three different calibration types, to get the service level they need:

Calibration which is a validation of the hardware’s accuracy and comes with the calibration certificate

Calibration and adjustments option which includes calibration as well as adjustments and any repair if the system is out of Creaform’s specifications

Accredited calibration and adjustments option, which includes the accredited calibration done in compliance with the rigorous ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and includes a calibration certificate.

“In a rapidly evolving technology landscape, our dedication to customer support is the constant that sets us apart.” explains David Gagné, Vice-President of Customer Services, then adds, “Our customers don’t just buy our products; they invest in a partnership, and our best-in-class support is the glue that cements that partnership.”

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