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Control 2023 – Displaying Trending Technologies and Solutions

The 35th Control international trade fair for quality assurance will open its doors in Stuttgart to technology updates from the fields of vision systems, image processing and sensor technology, as well as measuring and test technology, from the 9th through the 12th of May, 2023. Trending issues include modern software, inline inspection processes and AI-assisted systems.

The Control international trade fair for quality assurance (QA) is just a few weeks away. Industry stakeholders are looking forward to personal meetings in Stuttgart. For example, it’s the most important trade fair of the year for Schneider Messtechnik from Bad Kreuznach, Germany. “Control has evolved into a firm entry in the trade fair calendar for the entire metrology sector. Schneider Messtechnik has been an exhibitor from the very beginning and we’ve been able to accompany Control without interruption right on up to this year’s 35th event at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre. It is and has been our most important trade fair each year,” confirms Uwe J. Keller, chief marketing officer at Schneider Messtechnik. “We especially value the high concentration of expert visitors at Control, who come to the event with concrete projects and enter into dialogues with the exhibitors. We also applaud Control’s development into the leading trade fair for quality assurance.”

Trend: Easy to Operate Machines and Automation

One of the most important current technology trends in quality assurance is to make measuring machines extremely easy and intuitive to use. Special attention is focussed on measuring software which should provide the operator with best possible support. Schneider Messtechnik has developed its own software to this end, which fulfils current market requirements. Automation is a further trend. Schneider Messtechnik has prepared individual machine series for this task – users can integrate their CNC measuring equipment into partial or full automation systems. Both of these trends reflect the current labour market situation: on the one hand, more and more people need to be able to use and operate measuring machines and, on the other hand, the current lack of personnel has to be offset by automated processes.

Trend: Deep Learning for Classification Tasks

Modern QA measures help to cope with production challenges such as efficiency, the conservation of resources and sustainability. Information about the current status of every point throughout the process chain must be available in order to ensure efficient operations. Reliable quality assurance is essential to this end. Predictive maintenance has become an important criterion for increasing efficiency in quality assurance, says Markus Riedi, CEO of Opto GmbH. “Big data evaluations of manufacturing processes and feedback to intelligent production control will be capable of sustainably reducing energy consumption and increasing product quality,” says Riedi. For him, the future of QA lies in the automation of quality processes and in deep learning for classification tasks, which is becoming increasingly important. “In several years’ time, statistics will prove that the results of AI-assisted measurement and testing systems outperform DIN-based processes by far,” says the Opto boss. His company from Gräfelfing, Germany, will arrive in Stuttgart with inline, process-capable sensors known as Solino imaging modules. “Control has been our primary trade fair for years,” explains Riedi. “We exhibit new products at the event, bring all of our dealers up to date and showcase ourselves as an innovative company for automation tasks in microscopy. Control serves as a deadline for our product development process, which we work towards all year long.”

Trend: Complete Closed-Loops and Robot-Based Measurements

Control’s international orientation and its comprehensive presentation of the entire industry, from callipers to universal measuring machines, is highly valued by exhibitors and expert visitors alike. The time-tested, practice-oriented trade fair concept, easy accessibility and the continuity of Control’s content make it a fixed date in the trade fair calendars of many companies. This is also confirmed by the Metrologic Group: Control is an important event in the field of quality assurance at both the European and the global level. Personal meetings of all involved partners support technical discussions and the initiation of new business. “We see virtualisation, automation, robotics and digital twin technologies as trends and current market concerns,” says Control project manager Fabian Krüger. “This year we’ll see complete testing circuits interfaced with Factory 4.0, including data flow management, advanced programming solutions and robot-based measurements. These modern measuring processes assure greater accuracy, increased productivity and fewer defective parts. This provides manufacturing companies with significant support in avoiding scrap and the waste of raw materials.”

Four Full Halls, High Levels of Internationalism

 “Together with all of the exhibitors and expert visitors, we’re looking forward to four halls (3, 5, 7 and 9) full of interesting innovations in the fields of quality inspection and quality assurance,” explains Bettina Schall, managing director of trade fair promoters P. E. Schall. “We’re also looking forward to lots of participants from outside of Germany. As representatives of our exhibitors, the exhibitor advisory board has once again welcomed the high levels of internationalism and emphasised Control’s global significance. The trade fair has been and will remain a topic-focused, practice-oriented industry highlight, making it a highly valuable business platform. We look forward to welcoming all exhibitors and guests to the 35th Control in Stuttgart from the 9th through the 12th of May, 2023.”

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