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CONNECT3D Additive Manufacturing Platform Enables Production at Scale

PostProcess Technologies, pioneer of automated and intelligent post-printing solutions for industrial 3D printing, has announced the availability of its CONNECT3D Additive Manufacturing Platform. The CONNECT3D platform is a new addition to the company’s current full-stack solution of hardware, chemistry, and software and complements the current AUTOMAT3D software application.

PostProcess’s latest innovation, the CONNECT3D Additive Manufacturing Platform, provides a multi-dimensional foundation that addresses long-standing gaps in the post-printing market. It applies AI capabilities to automatically generate optimized recipes for unique, part-specific requirements. The platform also leverages Industrial IoT capabilities to optimize solution performance and maximize customer value.

As an Industry 4.0 solution, CONNECT3D integrates with factory automation systems to support initiatives that automate lights-out manufacturing for high-scale part production. Furthermore, the platform is built on an open architecture that includes public APIs to unify the additive digital thread and interoperate with 3rd party software applications across the additive workflow, such as MES solutions, print management software, and CAD applications.

CONNECT3D enables PostProcess customers to maximize their additive manufacturing workflows with several mission-critical features including intuitive presentation of alerts and alarms for real-time operations management and access to historical information. planning and scheduling features for maximum utilization and efficient operations, remote monitoring for anytime-anywhere visibility to system status and supervisory management and control, notification services over text or email to stay informed of process status in real-time and enterprise-grade features such as role-based user administration, efficient license management, and robust security.

“With the introduction of the CONNECT3D platform, PostProcess is using data analytics and machine learning to improve the performance of its full-stack solutions.” wrote Tugce Uslu, Analyst in Lux Research’s profile for PostProcess. “PostProcess recognizes the necessity of unifying printing and post-printing processes into an end-to-end solution. Its software is one of the main differentiators of the company as it focuses on end-to-end process optimization using AI. This positions PostProcess as one of the leaders in automated post-processing technology.”

“Our CONNECT3D Additive Manufacturing Platform sets the stage for the industry’s next step-function advancement in additive manufacturing,” stated Rich Caplow, PostProcess VP of Product. “Today in additive manufacturing data is captured and connected in the design and printing phases, but the digital thread for a 3D part is cut off prior to its final finished stage. CONNECT3D links the finishing, or post-printing stage, to the part’s digital thread to unify the complete workflow.”

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