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Concept Acquires Two Companies Expanding Capabilities and Reach

Concept, a leading source for advanced manufacturing solutions, has announced that the company has completed two acquisitions that will further expand its capabilities, expertise and geographic reach: American Calibration Inc. and Inspection Engineering LLC. Both USA Midwest-based businesses will retain their leadership and autonomy while benefiting from investments and synergies that come from being part of the growing Concept family.

“The precision manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving,” explained Concept CEO Andrew Hecker. “Bringing together services that complement the products we offer makes sense for all involved. Whether a customer is looking to make, measure, calibrate or automate, we’re now able to advise and support them more efficiently and comprehensively,” he continued, “and help them make the most of their equipment with education and training.”

Based near Chicago, American Calibration was founded in 1992 by Todd Gibson, who spent three decades building a nationally known company with vast capabilities. Today, American Calibration serves both Fortune 500 customers and small manufacturers, offering more than 350 types of accredited calibration (among the largest ISO 17025 scopes available) with the highest precision available. Gibson explained, “This business is all about taking care of customers and meeting exacting standards.” He continued, “We are thrilled to join Concept, which shares the same commitment to excellence and professionalism as we do, expands our business to eight new facilities, and new customers. It’s a natural match.”

The second acquisition, Inspection Engineering, is a full-service gage house offering inspection services and equipment throughout the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic region, covering part or all of eight states including Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. A second-generation business, Inspection Engineering is led by President Michael Bergmann, whose father founded the company in 1977.  Inspection Engineering provides dimensional measuring products and services, software training and calibration services. Bergmann noted, “We take incredible pride in our family business, and wanted to grow with a partner who shares the values that have made us successful for the past 45 years.” He continued, “We’ve always believed in educating our customers so that they can make the most of their equipment and business, and wanted to align with a company that shares those beliefs.”

These moves are part of a strategic plan to cement Concept’s position as the USA Midwest’s top source for advanced manufacturing solutions and deepen its functional expertise in machining, automation, precision measurement, calibration services and additive manufacturing. Concept CEO Andrew Hecker explained, “After several successful acquisitions, we have confidence that our focus on developing our people, processes and technology is sound and scalable.” He continued, “With Inspection Engineering, we’re expanding into a significant new region in a business we know well, and with American Calibration, we’re deepening our calibration capabilities and bringing them to the national level.” He concluded, “We’re definitely seeing the results and the momentum building, so it’s an exciting time.”

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