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Computer Vision and AI to Speed Up Borescope Jet Engine Inspections

One of Europe’s leading airlines is partnering with Aiir Innovations to optimize its engine inspections. British low-cost carrier EasyJet will explore how computer vision and artificial intelligence can speed up borescope inspections and cut out errors by providing automated damage detection.

After Aiir Innovations software has analyzed borescope footage, multiple parties can view, comment on and share its findings via an online platform. EasyJet believes this may help to improve leased engine transitions by smoothing the process of stakeholder alignment – providing a common page for MRO provider, lessor and lessees to work from.

EasyJet has a proud history of embracing disruptive new aircraft and maintenance technologies to carve out efficiencies, and this latest trial is no exception. Accordingly, the carrier is happy to explore other ways in which Aiir software can generate savings around borescope inspections.

“EasyJet is constantly exploring and evaluating new innovation, that will bring benefits for EasyJet and our customers,” says Alejandro Lopez Ruesca, Head of Powerplant at EasyJet.

As well as allowing EasyJet technicians to focus on critical aspects of the engine handover, Aiir software provides full traceability, boosting confidence in the engine asset and its value among all parties to a lease or sale transaction.

“We are excited to start testing our software solution with EasyJet and are confident this trial will underline the value of AI-assisted borescope inspections to it and other major airlines. Aiir software means no more painstaking reviews of borescope videos and drastically less human error – just a simple, speedy process in which the AI supports the engineer at every step,” comments Bart Vredebregt, chief executive officer of Aiir Innovations.

Throughout the trial, EasyJet and Aiir Innovations will collaborate to make the software more robust and ensure a seamless integration into the airline’s existing processes. Future Aiir Innovations customers should then benefit from a true drop-in solution which can transform their engine inspection workload overnight.

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