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Cognex Launches Embedded AI-Based Vision System

Cognex Corporation has announced the launch of the Advantage 182 vision system designed to automate complex location, classification, and inspection tasks. This all-in-one vision system includes advanced machine vision, barcode reading, and edge learning technology to automate a variety of tasks—from simple presence/absence detection and track-and-trace applications to high-precision alignment and complex color inspections.

“The Advantage 182 is the very first vision system in the life sciences industry to deploy edge learning technology,” said Kevin Ryan, Director of Product Marketing for Life Sciences. “Edge learning leverages pre-trained, AI-based algorithms to automate and scale inspection applications. Using as few as five to ten training images, users can quickly configure the edge learning tools to solve complex applications, like advanced classification, in minutes. This technology will be a game-changer in the life sciences industry due to its high ease of use, scalability, and accuracy.”

Along with edge learning tools, users can run rule-based tools on the Advantage 182 system, allowing them to leverage a complete vision toolset and reconfigure the system to address new applications as their needs change.

In addition to software flexibility, Advantage 182 offers modular hardware that enables quick integration into existing operations, as well as the ability to build custom solutions. The hardware components also offer long-term revision control, which protects initial investments and eliminates duplicate activity by giving users the ability to repurpose previous work.

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