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Closed Loop Gear Grinding and Inspection System Partnership Announced

IMTS 2022 will host a variety of technologies that will set the tone for manufacturing innovation in the years to come. At the forefront is the integration of data for process control, providing outstanding solutions to manufacturers. WENZEL America and Nidec’s have announced a collaboration that started with the mutual drive for serving their customer with excellence through data management.

“Showing how easily Wenzel’s metrology systems integrate into any production process is what we would like to display at this year’s show. We are excited to have Nidec as a partner to demonstrate how we apply this to the gear industry,” said Drew Shemenski, president of Wenzel America. “Collaborations like this are a way we bring innovation to our customers.” 

The successes achieved in the field of measurement technology solutions based on closed-loop processes are pushing the boundaries on throughput and delivery. Because of this, launching the technical collaboration between Nidec and Wenzel at IMTS 2022 was an easy decision.

According to Scott Knoy, vice president sales at Nidec Machine Tool America, “Both Nidec and Wenzel are able to utilize the international VDI/VDE gear data exchange format. Our joint effort with Wenzel offers gear manufacturers the ability to automatically make corrections to the process based on inspection data. This will be shown at IMTS connected to Nidec’s internal gear generating grinder, the ZI20A-G.”

Speaking on integrated metrology at IMTS, September 13 at 3:15 pm, Wenzel’s Chief Digital Officer, Prof. Dr. Heiko Wenzel will emphasize the solutions that Wenzel develops and works towards productivity success for their customers through integration.

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