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Calibration Hexapod Achieves ISO 17025 Accreditation – A Worldwide First

The Kistler Group recently attained another calibration milestone: its proven calibration hexapod – the first of its kind in the world – is now accredited in accordance with ISO 17025 for multicomponent force and torque calibration. Kistler is thus supporting automotive manufacturers and developers to ensure compliance with stringent EU regulations or global standards such as IATF 16949.

With over a decade of experience in the development of multicomponent calibrations on a hexapod, the Kistler Group is the leader in this segment. The most recent accreditation in accordance with ISO 17025 by DAkkS, the German accreditation body, guarantees that the company will continue to meet and exceed the strictest industrial and research requirements in the future as well. Thanks to its sophisticated design, the calibration hexapod at the Kistler Sindelfingen site allows for calibrations with continuous load changes in six degrees of freedom. This enables calibration results with the best possible representation for a variety of applications.

High-Precision Calibration of Wheel Force Transducers and Dynamometers

The calibration hexapod from Kistler is able to apply force-free torque of up to 10 kN·m and torque-free force of up to 50 kN to test specimens, while at the same time also offering individual load ranges. The unique architecture allows the calibration of compressive and tensile loads through the zero point (push-pull) – but also pressure (push) or tension (pull) only – and provides realistic and precise load modeling. As a result, the calibration hexapod is ideal for the accredited calibration of wheel force transducers – with strain gauge as well as piezo technology – along with multicomponent sensors and dynamometers.

The upgraded hexapod has already successfully performed its first accredited calibrations, confirming the high level of quality and precision of the calibration process. Furthermore, an additional calibration hexapod is also in use, which enables even greater force of up to 400 kN as well as torques of up to 80 kN·m. Kistler is also working to achieve accreditation of this hexapod system in accordance with ISO 17025 to further support their customers to comply with international regulations.

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