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Blum-Novotest Expands Into New North American Headquarters

Blum-Novotest, Inc. recently purchased and moved into a new North Americas Headquarters.  The move more than doubles office, customer technical center and warehouse square footage.  The new facility is approximately one mile from the previous building and located near the airport.  The new Blum-Novotest address is 1368 Cox Avenue, Erlanger, KY 41018.

“North America is a strategic growth region for the Blum-Novotest Group”, says Lilian Barraud, Blum-Novotest Inc. President / Regional Manager Americas.  “United States is the technological showcase of the world.  Manufacturing industries are constantly improving competitiveness with a high level of automation and by integrating state of the art measuring and testing technologies into their process. The Blum-Novotest measuring systems are ideally positioned to enable ‘lights out manufacturing’ in harsh, high-production facilities.” 

“We expanded our footprint to better serve and support our customers growth and partners network development. With a larger technical and training capacity, our goals are to educate, train and demonstrate how Blum-Novotest technologies can support your industry specific measuring needs today and tomorrow.  With our new classroom style space, we can host either virtual or in-person theoretical training as well as hands on training and testing with onsite CNC machines.  Our warehouse space will also increase to improve inventory availability and decrease time to market.”

Blum-Novotest, Inc., is a fully owned subsidiary of Blum-Novotest GmbH, a leader in cutting edge measurement and testing technology, with 50 years of experience as supplier for the worldwide machine tool, automotive and aircraft industries.  Blum provides tactile and optical measuring systems and software for automated tool setting and spindle probe systems for workpiece setting and inspection applications in machine tools. Blum helps integrate these devices into the customer’s machines for increased automation of job setup and monitoring of the manufacturing process.

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