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Best-in-Class Imaging Solutions For Demanding Factory Automation Applications

In a recent press communication, Teledyne FLIR Integrated Imaging Solutions (IIS) has stated its commitment to revolutionizing machine vision in factory automation applications. Advancements in industrial automation require machine vision technologies to work in extreme environments while ensuring that production capabilities are highly efficient. Teledyne FLIR IIS is bringing together Teledyne’s long-standing imaging expertise, deep factory automation knowledge, and a focus on innovation and customer success, to alter the factory automation market landscape and transform how machine vision is used.

Teledyne FLIR IIS is committed to launching imaging technologies that will build the future of machine vision,” said Sadiq Panjwani, General Manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS. “We stay focused on enhancing customer experience to deliver best-in-class imaging reliability and performance – for both our industrial and non-industrial customers.”

The latest Teledyne FLIR IIS imaging product releases are architected to work under extreme conditions ensuring constant reliability without compromising imaging performance

‘Spinnaker 4’ is the next-generation GeniCam3 API library for machine vision developers to evaluate, test, and deploy products quickly with the highest performance and reliability. The new software release includes groundbreaking advancements in GigE camera performance and reliability, leveraging Teledyne’s decades of experience delivering best-in-class machine vision GigE cameras worldwide. Intense camera system performance testing, including operating imaging systems with 40 GigE cameras continuously for multiple days at a time, resulted in no incomplete images. Flawless image capture is maintained even when pushing the system CPU usage to over 90%, with intensive image processing and multiple background applications. The software enables fast camera detection and image processing, and much more.

‘Forge’ is Teledyne FLIR IIS’s newest camera platform, which utilizes Spinnaker’s new software architecture and is available in a variety of camera models across multiple sensors. Forge is designed to easily build robust and powerful imaging systems – faster. It offers flexible link speeds as well as the ability to go beyond 5GigE performance and control data transfer to the host.

These latest imaging innovations from Teledyne FLIR IIS represent the start of real change in the factory automation market with new options for best-in-class imaging reliability, quality, and performance.

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