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Bendable X-ray Detectors to Redefine NDT Market

Vieworks, an industry-leading innovator in x-ray imaging solutions, exhibited at the recent ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) conference introducing its state-of-the-art x-ray detectors to the US non-destructive testing market.

Vieworks’ showcased its advanced flexible x-ray detectors (VIVIX-V 2530F, VIVIX-V 3643F) and the groundbreaking bendable x-ray detectors (VIVIX-V 1025B and VIVIX-V 1043B).

The key features of the bendable detectors are set to change the landscape of non-destructive testing. Boasting a superior resolution with a 99-micrometer pixel pitch, these detectors present an unmatched advantage by greatly reducing distortion, especially on curved surfaces. Their innovative design allows them to be attached closely to non-flat surfaces, which translates to pristine image quality, even in the most challenging terrains. Moreover, these detectors are proficient in both front and rear inspection, underscoring their wide-ranging applications in the field.

“Our bendable x-ray detectors, with their superior resolution and adaptability, are set to redefine non-destructive testing. We’re not just showcasing a product; we’re introducing a revolution” commented Mr. Hong, Vice President of Vieworks.

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