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Automotive Supplier Innovates Rubber Gasket 3D Scanning Inspection Machines

Morgan Polymer Seals has announced the innovation of its in-house vision inspection technology for a Volkswagen filter plate seal used in a vehicle’s Transmission Electro-Hydraulic Control Module (TECHM).

Dubbed ‘MAGIC’ (Morgan Automated Gasket Inspection Control), the machine utilizes 3D scanning technology to check for aesthetic and dimensional defects in 5 million parts manufactured annually in Tijuana, Mexico, before shipping to OEM customers in Germany and China.

The automated vision inspection system comprises high-speed cameras and 3D laser scanners that uses software to compare images of a part against known defects for quality purposes. Morgan Polymer has six vision inspection systems in-house that can be customized to detect defects in even the most complex gaskets. Morgan’s customized systems offer greater flexibility, capacity, and inclusion and variety than commercially available systems. These in-house systems ensure higher-quality products and faster delivery.

Manual vision inspection has an accuracy rate of approximately 78% for detecting part defects. Morgan Polymer’s automated vision inspection systems deliver a defective rate of zero Parts Per Million. The automated vision inspection systems can inspect up to six pieces per second, totaling over 74 million parts per year.

Head of Automation Leonardo Meza explains, “We programmed this particular machine as a proactive measure to ensure the quality and safety of the product. Our MAGIC inspection machines are continuously improved to ensure the reliability of every part we manufacture because quality is the key to on-time delivery.”

Morgan Polymer Seals is a 25-year-old, privately-owned automotive supplier that designs and manufactures custom gaskets and seals for powertrain, fuel system, and electrical applications.

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