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Automated Application-Centered Software Platform For Robotic Deployment

Attendees at IMTS in Chicago will be the first to experience what OnRobot has been preparing for years: the industry’s first automated, application-centered software platform for robotic deployment. D:PLOY is a turning point in OnRobot’s strategic evolution that began with its line of intuitive robotic tools and software, expanding the concept of collaborative automation.

“The dramatic 80% reduction in deployment time is just one powerful illustration of what D:PLOY offers,” says Kristian Hulgard, General Manager of OnRobot’s Americas division. “Now system integrators can take on more projects with existing resources. Robot manufacturers benefit from dramatically greater accessibility for their products. And end users gain powerful new abilities to implement, manage, and redeploy automation across their facilities for long-term success.”

D:PLOY will be previewed in a machine tending application at OnRobot’s IMTS (booth #236254) using a UR5e from Universal Robots. The application demonstrates how the entire application, including any leading cobot or light industrial robot arm along with tooling, sensors, and other devices, is accessed and managed from D:PLOY’s dashboard. Users simply define the robot’s workspace with minimal inputs on points within the workspace, and enter attributes of the workpiece. D:PLOY automatically generates all the program logic, signal exchange, event handling, path planning, and real-time monitoring for the full application.

“D:PLOY is a foundational market shift that will change the way automation is deployed, expanding the market at the same time,” says Hulgard. “D:PLOY will help change how we think about collaborative automation, broadening its accessibility and improving success for manufacturers in almost any industry.”

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