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Authentise Releases AM Digital Design Warehouse Platform

Authentise, a leader in data-driven manufacturing and workflow tools, has announced the release of a major new product to simplify how digital designs are shared. The Digital Design Warehouse will help organizations create more cohesive additive manufacturing initiatives by bringing insights from disparate silos into full view across all teams.

The Digital Design Warehouse platform allows everyone their own personal library by uploading any 2D and 3D file type with fully configurable additional parameters. Those designs can be further analyzed using plugins from third parties such as Zverse, which enables the conversion from 2D to 3D, and Castor, which assesses the project’s suitability for additive manufacturing.

Sharing is at the heart of the new platform. Access is tightly controlled with granular permissions, enabling users to share projects with internal and external stakeholders, such as suppliers or customers. The platform provides a space for everybody to engage in conversations, edit (where permitted) and view or access designs.

A particular use case for the Digital Design Warehouse is spare parts. OEMs are able to use the platform to first manage the design and engineering process, bringing multiple design, R&D and testing stakeholders together. Once complete, the design can be shared securely with potential clients via a fully custom branded catalogue. The inclusion of an ‘Order Now’ button allows for the design to be sent directly to a production center of choice.

“The market for additively manufactured spare parts is rapidly evolving.” says Omer Blaier, CEO of Castor. “We’ve helped many companies assess the additive opportunities in their portfolio and acquire large databases of designs ready for action. What’s missing is a tool to help them develop those projects and then securely share those designs with production facilities. We’re delighted to see Authentise moving to fill the void and excited to be part of the project.”

“We are thrilled to launch the Digital Design Warehouse,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “The product launch shows that the distributed manufacturing dream that Authentise was founded on 10 years ago is not dead. It will take several more years of concerted effort by the industry, but soon plane crashes caused by the lack of available spare parts as happened in Nigeria in 2012 will be history. We can only accomplish this by working together, so we’re excited to launch with two new integrations to Authentise’s open platform. Castor and Zverse help customers identify and develop the applications that ultimately help drive the industry. We can’t wait to include even more incredible features from third parties as well as Authentise’s toolkit such as prep-workflows.”

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