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ASH Scale Up Artificial Intelligence Inspection with Launch of Three New Software Modules

ASH has announced the official release of three new software modules on the Acumen AI – Automatic Measurement, Industrial Communications and Project Sequencing.

The Acumen AI is a vision system powered by advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that enable it to automatically detect and classify defects, identify trends and patterns in data, and continuously learn and adapt to changing inspection environments. The addition of these software modules will provide enhanced efficiency, productivity, and quality to manufacturers aiming to streamline and automate their inspection processes.

Our team has worked tirelessly to develop these modules with the specific needs of our customers in mind, and we believe they will provide tremendous value to a wide range of industries value to a wide range of industries including Aerospace Automotive, Electronics, Medical Device and Pharmaceuticals to mention a few” said Martin Cahill, COO of ASH.

Automatic Measurement Module

Automatically inspect and measure parts or products, and detect defects or anomalies to ensure quality standards. Feature detection and segmentation algorithms combined with easy-to-use measurement features offer an advanced toolkit for analysis of complex features lacking geometric structure or uniformity. Measurement processes are streamlined to deliver automated pass/fail results, reducing the need for human inspection, and improving the overall efficiency of the inspection process.

Industrial Communications Module

Seamlessly integrate the Acumen AI with industrial devices, enabling real-time data transfer and analysis for improved process control. Communication can be easily configured to PROFINET / EtherNET/IP, enabling interconnectivity of industrial devices for inspection process automation to enhance operational efficiency. The ability to integrate cobots or robot automation reduces downtime on inspection lines.

Project Sequencer Module

Project sequencing is a critical component of effective AI inspection. The user creates a workflow sequence of AI inspection and measurement projects within a single master project that enables more thorough and efficient inspections. Certain parts may require inspection at different magnification levels or require a combination of inspection or measurement. Acumen projects save system settings such magnification, illumination etc. along with the trained model and its threshold settings. Creating a master project that triggers the sequential deployment all associated projects streamlines the part inspection process, reducing setup downtime and errors.

ASH state customers investing in the modular Acumen AI platform will achieve a significant return on investment (ROI):

Improved efficiency and productivity: Automate tasks that would otherwise require human labor, such as inspection, quality control, and defect detection. This can lead to faster processing times, reduced error rates, and increased productivity.

Cost savings and waste reduction: By automating tasks and reducing the need for manual labor, the Acumen AI can also help to reduce labor costs. By identifying and addressing product defects early on, reducing the cost of rework and reducing waste, resulting in a more sustainable production process.

Improved accuracy and continuity: The Acumen AI can analyze data more accurately and consistently than humans, reducing the likelihood of errors and improving the accuracy of decisions based on that data. Many visual inspection methods rely on the human eye, which introduces subjective judgements. AI inspection models do not tire or lose concentration, enabling the Acumen AI to overcome the cognitive overload experienced by human operators.

Competitive advantage: The Acumen AI can help manufacturers stay ahead of their competitors by ensuring product quality, faster processing times, and improved efficiency.

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