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AMT and SVR Join Forces for Advancement of Robotics Transformative Technology

The Association For Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has announced that Silicon Valley Robotics has become a part of AMT. The two organizations stand at the forefront of their fields, and this alliance will enrich their member companies as well as the larger manufacturing technology community. Andra Keay, SVR’s longtime managing director, has joined AMT’s executive leadership as vice president of Global Robotics, where she will expand AMT’s robotics influence and support AMT members with her extensive knowledge and experience in the dramatically growing area of advanced robotics and automation.

Without a doubt, one of the technologies that has had profound effects on manufacturing is robotics automation. The pace of this technology’s development is staggering, and there continues to be a growing interest in the field. Supply chain challenges and persistent worker shortages have highlighted the importance of leveraging these technologies to create a more resilient, agile industry. Robotics automation offers manufacturers a key tool in accomplishing this mission.

“AMT has been successful for over 120 years at adapting to the ever-changing landscape of manufacturing technology,” said AMT President Doug Woods. “Since 1902, every decade has brought dramatic changes. Over the years, we have recognized the innovations and technologies driving the industry and have built our products and personnel to effectively support our members as manufacturing has transformed. Working closely with Silicon Valley Robotics allows us to continue this constant evolution and fulfill our mission to strengthen U.S.-based manufacturing.”

Silicon Valley continues to be the epicenter for innovation and high-tech growth, with a worldwide reputation for developing some of the most influential technology companies and products. As such, Silicon Valley Robotics is uniquely positioned at the forefront of advancements in the industry, testing the strength of new discoveries. The established U.S. manufacturing technology community enables growth, development, and commercialization of these groundbreaking technologies. By joining forces, AMT and Silicon Valley Robotics bring together the proven manufacturing technology community and the innovative tech community to enable the commercialization of new and upcoming robotics automation in the United States.

“Robotics and automation are the 21st-century technology revolution, and Silicon Valley is at the leading edge of its developments,” said Andra Keay, managing director at Silicon Valley Robotics. “We’ve seen an exponential growth in investments into robotics companies formed in the last 10 years, and every indicator suggests that this is just the start. There’s a growing demand for robotics and automation in the United States, and we want and need to build these technologies domestically. By working together, we can engage all American manufacturing technology creators.”

SVR – Silicon Valley Robotics is ground zero of the robotics revolution, helping startups get investment and grow into category-creating industry leaders. A non-profit industry cluster, SVR encompasses almost 50% of global investment in robotics, more than 50 robotics research labs, and more than 500 robotics startups, ranging from seed stage to billion-dollar unicorns. SVR is more than an industry cluster. We are a super-connector and accelerator. SVR’s mission is to support the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. This includes hosting the famous Silicon Valley Robot Block Party, networking events, investor forums, a directory, a jobs board, and providing additional services and information for members, including an annual global robotics startup competition and reports on aspects of the emerging robotics industry.

AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology represents U.S.- based providers of manufacturing technology – the advanced machinery, devices, and digital equipment that U.S. manufacturing relies on to be productive, innovative, and competitive. Located in McLean, Virginia, near the nation’s capital, AMT acts as the industry’s voice to speed the pace of innovation, increase global competitiveness, and develop manufacturing’s advanced workforce of tomorrow. With extensive expertise in industry data and intelligence, as well as a full complement of international business operations, AMT offers its members an unparalleled level of support. AMT also produces IMTS – The International Manufacturing Technology Show, the premier manufacturing technology event in North America.