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Altair Releases Altair Unlimited Data Analytics Appliance

Altai, a leader in computational science, high performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI), has announced  the launch of the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance, an all-in-one turnkey solution, which will democratize enterprise-wide data analytics and empower users to glean more data insights than ever.

The Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance gives users and organizations out-of-the-box access to an unprecedented level of data analytics capabilities. By using the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance, organizations can develop and run multi-language data analytics software solutions, including those written in the SAS language. The appliance supports interactive use by data scientists and business users together with a secure, managed production deployment infrastructure for scheduled and on-demand operation.

The Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance, which is built on Dell PowerEdge R750 servers, is designed to foster enterprise-wide, data-driven strategies by giving teams the power to use data analytics and AI to gain competitive advantages and drive next-level business results.

“Dell Technologies is a longtime partner and we are thrilled to take the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance to market with them. After the incredible success of the Altair Unlimited simulation appliance, we wanted to give customers the same type of opportunities in the data analytics and AI sphere,” said Sam Mahalingam, chief technology officer, Altair. “With this technology, we will help enterprises move from expensive hardware and software solutions built around the SAS language, to a modern, cost-effective turnkey solution. We are confident users and organizations will see game-changing results immediately and we look forward to seeing how users maximize this technology and get the most from their data.”

The Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance gives users pre-loaded access to the Altair Analytics software package – and additional solutions – including:

Altair SLC – a SAS language compiler and execution environment: Runs programs written in the SAS language syntax without users needing to translate it or license third-party products. Also features a built-in SAS language compiler that runs the SAS language and SQL code and utilizes Python and R compilers to run Python and R code and exchange SAS language datasets, Pandas, and R data frames.

Altair SmartWorks Hub: Gives users and organizations centralized governance and deployment services for every step in the data analytics lifecycle. Also lets organizations control access to data sources and deployed applications, stores audit logs about all user actions, and gives all users the power to handle tasks once considered the exclusive domain of information technology (IT) and DevOps teams.

Altair Analytics Workbench: Empowers users to break down data silos, improve productivity, and reduce costs by giving teams a single platform where all users can connect, prepare, discover, and model any data. Also gives users an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that lets them include Python, R, and SQL code into their SAS language programs – without needing to license third-party programs to run the SAS language programs.

Altair Access: Gives users a simple, powerful, and consistent interface for submitting and monitoring jobs on Altair Unlimited, remote clusters, clouds, and more – allowing engineers and researchers to focus on core activities and eliminate redundant or repetitive tasks. Most importantly, it gives all users easy access to high-performance computing (HPC) resources so they can run analytical models, view progress, manage data, and use 3D, remote visualization via web, desktop, or mobile – no IT expertise needed.

Like the Altair Unlimited simulation appliance, the Altair Unlimited data analytics appliance will give users a comprehensive new range of data analytics capabilities. Technology like this showcases Altair and Dell Technologies’ initiative to provide customers with cutting-edge, best-in-class tools.

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