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AI & Smart Automation Conference to Unlock Power of Artificial Intelligence

Manufacturers interested in unleashing the power of artificial intelligence in their operations can learn about the latest innovations and best applications at the AI & Smart Automation Conference on September 29 in Columbus, Ohio. Organized by the Association for Advancing Automation (A3), the one-day powerhouse briefing features experts from Siemens, Procter & Gamble, NVIDIA, RAPID Robotics, Landing AI, and more.

“Every day, we are pounded with messages about how AI will solve all your production problems,” said Robert Huschka, A3’s vice president of education strategies. “But how do you begin? And what is really possible? This packed one-day conference will allow you to explore the menu of possibilities for AI in your operations and how you can put them to work.”

The agenda features panel discussions and individual sessions on data strategy, advances in AI robotics and machine vision, as well as AI-powered optimization and predictions, including:

– Hype vs. Opportunity: Where AI is Making a Difference in Manufacturing

– How to Select an AI Project and AI Partners

– The Role of AI in Inspection and Quality Control

– Advances in Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

– Ease-of-Use of Programming and Advances in Human-Machine Interfaces

– AI-Based Robotic Applications

– Developing a Big Data Strategy

– The Role of Simulation & Digital Twins

– AI Explainability, Ethics & Trust

The AI & Smart Automation Conference is co-located in Columbus with the International Safety Robotics Conference (ISRC) which runs from September 27-29, also at the Hyatt Regency Columbus.

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