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AI-Based Industrial Automation Specialist Acquired To Strengthen INDUS Portfolio

INDUS Holding AG has acquired Berlin based Gestalt Robotics. The company develops individual AI-based automation solutions for industrial applications. Its portfolio of solutions comprises image processing and control technology based on artificial intelligence. These include visual quality control and asset tracking systems, autonomous navigation of mobile transport systems, and adaptive and collaborative robotics and assistance systems. Assembly, mobility and laboratory automation are typical application areas. Founded in 2016, the company employs around 50 people and generates annual sales of around 5 million euros.

“By acquiring Gestalt Robotics, we are tapping into the growth potential of AI applications for industrial technology,” says Dr. Johannes Schmidt, Chairman of the Board of Management of the INDUS Group. “With its technological expertise, this young, innovative company will provide new impetus for the further development of the INDUS Group. The acquisition thus supports our strategic initiative ‘Driving innovation’, which, among other things, promotes the rapid implementation of AI solutions in our portfolio companies.”

Thomas Staufenbiel and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Lambrecht, co-founders and Managing Directors of Gestalt Robotics, will continue to run the company. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Lambrecht commented “With INDUS as a strong partner in the background, Gestalt Robotics now benefits from the necessary backing in a fast-moving market, while at the same time having the freedom to initiate new innovative projects and take advantage of growth opportunities.”

INDUS has defined the future field of automation as a direction for further growth. “Gestalt Robotics’ focus on industrial automation complements our investment portfolio in the Engineering segment very well,” says Axel Meyer, Board member of INDUS Holding AG responsible for the Engineering segment. “Given the strong momentum in the automation sector, we will continue to make acquisitions in this area in the future.”

AI Based Quality Inspection

Gestalt Robotics inline quality inspection systems detect and localize errors, classify component quality, measure and check for completeness and anomalies. With polarization cameras, systems go beyond the limits of light visible to humans, for example with reflective surfaces and transparent objects. Gestalt Robotics offer customized analysis, data management and seamless connections to the company’s IT infrastructure such as ERP systems. Quality testing is used in the areas of automation of production, processes and laboratories as well as in modern digital service offerings.

Flexible Robot Gripping and Bin Picking

Gestalt Robotics solutions for flexible robot gripping include machine learning methods that also enable the safe gripping of unknown workpieces with variable geometries enabling industrial robots to detect, locate and ultimately grasp objects with unknown geometries.

Gestalt Robotics offer tailor-made robot skills for flexible robot grippers, taking into account various sensor and gripping principles, for example mechanical finger and jaw grippers, as well as suction and magnetic grippers.

Mobile Inspection

Combined solutions of autonomous navigation and AI-based inspection enable the automatic location-flexible recording of quality and condition characteristics. Gestalt Robotics mobile inspection solutions benefit from the use of any mobile platform , so that transport systems can also be upgraded during ongoing operations. The result is automatically generated evaluations and test reports.

Gestalt Robotics offer the implementation of mobile inspection tasks that meet high requirements in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness based on simple, clear workflows and powerful AI.

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