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AI-Based 3D Printing Defect Detection Software Launched

Printpal has launched PrintWatch, an artificial intelligence-based defect detection software that works with 3D printers. The plugin PrintWatch software detects 3D printer build by utilizing a camera aimed at the build area. Using machine learning, the software detects exactly when a defect appears during 3D printing in real-time. Users can track defects in their 3D printing process allowing proactive actions as necessary.

In addition to detecting defects in real-time, PrintWatch has an Anomaly Detection System running in the background. The Anomaly Detection System detects and flags anomalies in a printer. The system can detect very subtle issues so the user can schedule maintenance for the printer to reduce downtime.

In order to detect defects in real-time, PrintWatch takes the video stream of a camera fixed onto the printer’s print area and runs it through a Machine Learning model that can detect defects of various sizes, shapes, colors, materials, lightings, and settings. When a defect is positively identified, PrintWatch then begins to track the defect to see how it develops.

PrintWatch runs the computationally heavy Machine Learning models on the cloud meaning any device with internet is able to access the API. PrintWatch is made easily available via OctoPrint as a plugin. Additionally, users may create a custom integration of PrintWatch for builds that are not using OctoPrint in less than 5 lines of python code.

Additionally, the company is developing several other AI-based 3D printer systems. There is software that optimizes the speed and quality of a build by analyzing the G-Code, inference APIs that detect objects using computer vision, and software that integrates e-commerce into 3D printers.

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