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Affordable High-Performance Cobot Weld Seam Tracking Laser Sensor Launched

Garmo Instruments has announced the launch of GARLINE, a brand-new family of unique, simple while technically sophisticated, laser weld seam tracking sensors. Garmo Instruments was founded one year ago in Zaragoza, Spain and is said to be defying expectations by reconsidering traditional solutions, challenging themselves while looking into impossible solutions, and believing they will find better ways of doing things. The young, innovative, challenging and expert company is discovering new ways of making high-quality products for Industry 4.0.

High Quality Weld Productivity Increase

The use of a cobot combined with a laser based seam tracking sensor improves the quality of welded products with the sensor ensuring a successful seam tracking providing outstanding seam quality. The cobot, combined with a seam tracking sensor significantly improves weld productivity. The seam tracking sensor system is collaborative – it doesn’t replace welders; it becomes their third arm.

The collaborative welding system allows total portability in the workshop and its not necessary to clamp and support the components to be welded.

Sensor electronics manage 4 parallel processes with 4GB of RAM computing path corrections at 45 images per second in full resolution and includes an innovative feature for dynamic adaptation of sensor and laser parameters between frames to correct reflection problems in applications involving varying material surface conditions.

Sensor Toughness

The sensor’s design is oriented to deal with adverse working conditions, such as humidity, corrosion or welding splatter. The sensor is resistant to magnetic fields and its outer casing can withstand impacts and hard blows.

The sensor also offers direct connection to a PLC, without any the need for additional computer or controller device. The sensor offers seam tracking, seam finding together with a wide range of configuration options. The sensor includes customizable zigzag welding setup and provides integration examples which include HMI, as well as communication libraries.

The sensor can be easily installed on both new and already existing welding machines with the use of a single standard wire (for power and data transfer) making sensor mounting simple by providing a universal connection. The sensor includes several disposable and quickly replaceable frontal protective windows.

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