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Aerontii and 4D Technology Partner to Bring Measurement Solutions to Aerospace Industry

4D Technology Corporation has announced a strategic partnership with Aerontii to lead business development and expansion activities of their new automated visual inspection tools for the aerospace market. The new 4D automated visual inspection tooling line brings accuracy and efficiency to the aerospace MRO industry, reducing part scrap rates due to outdated inspection methods, lowering labor and material costs, and increasing supply-chain sustainability.

“Aerontii’s knowledge of aircraft maintenance customer needs and their drive to make their clients more efficient, reliable and safe is unparalleled,” remarked Robert Wasilesky, Director of Sales and Marketing at 4D Technology. 4D Technology believes Aerontii’s broad scope of relevant skills and experience with aerospace and defense industry clients will aid them in enhancing their clients’ service and maintenance outcomes.

Aerontii’s vision is to work with their clients to bring a storefront suite of complimentary MRO and technology solutions to the aerospace industry. With access and relationships from the shop floor to the C-suite, Aerontii brings a holistic approach to solving their airline and MRO customer challenges and are excited to bring the technology and proven solutions that 4D Technology can offer. “We have been very impressed with the speed that quantitative results are produced by the 4D InSpec. We are excited to show how the 4D InSpec can help our clients improve their MRO process, reduce costs, and increase supply chain sustainability efforts,” said Josh McCracken of Aerontii.

RJ Mattern, MRO Sales Leader for 4D Technology said, “We are excited to work with Aerontii, and feel that together with their support, we have the potential to save MRO operators hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in the evaluation of otherwise scrapped parts. The enthusiasm and value that our customers in aerospace engines have for the 4D InSpec gauge is fertile ground for Aerontii’s depth of experience, and reach, among airline operations and aviation maintenance groups.”

The 4D InSpec is a portable, handheld, non-contact, shop floor, 3D surface gauge currently. The device provides uniquely fast and precise measurements of edge break and rounding of machined parts, and yet it is as easy to use as taking a picture with your phone. The 4D InSpec measures aerospace part burrs, scratches, corrosion, nicks, defects, and more in the matter of seconds. The 4D InSpec improves parts yield, saves on assembly/disassembly labor, and speeds throughput for engine overhaul and maintenance organizations.

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