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Advantive Acquires DataNet and PQ Systems Expanding Manufacturing Software Capabilities

Advantive, a mission-critical software provider for specialty manufacturing and distribution businesses, recently announced the acquisitions of DataNet and PQ Systems, leaders in Statistical Process Control (SPC), manufacturing quality, and gage calibration software solutions. The acquisitions expand Advantive’s current offerings in the manufacturing and distribution space, while allowing the company to continue delivering the highest quality solutions to its customers across industries. With the additions, Advantive is poised to meet customers where they are, offering a wide variety of solutions that can scale with customers and help them adapt to today’s – and tomorrow’s – supply chain challenges.

“Our primary goal is to deliver the highest value to our customers, and with the addition of DataNet and PQ Systems, we are delivering on that promise and offering our customers more choices than ever,” said Benoit de la Tour, CEO of Advantive. “Both companies offer robust and well-regarded solutions in the SPC space. When added to our current offerings, these will allow us to further transform the manufacturing and distribution industries while also driving greater quality, efficiency, and profitability for our customers.”

The latest acquisitions come on the heels of Advantive’s founding in June 2022 after merging six industry leading brands, positioning Advantive to be a leader in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and Statistical Process Control (SPC) space.

“At DataNet, our company’s vision has always been to deliver trusted and capable technology solutions that allow manufacturers to create the highest quality product for the lowest cost. As such, we felt that Advantive’s mission resonated well with our own,” said Ned Greenberg, president of DataNet. “We are excited to join forces with Advantive to continue delivering the best that manufacturing has to offer to increase profitability for customers.”

With a global footprint across more than 2,500 facilities worldwide, DataNet’s flagship product, WinSPC, provides statistical decision-making and delivers real-time, actionable data to manufacturers, which will serve to complement Advantive’s existing offerings. DataNet empowers manufacturers to improve products, processes, and profitability through real-time statistical software solutions.

“In the manufacturing industry, optimizing processes and ensuring product quality are key, and at PQ Systems, we are dedicated to delivering on this through our offerings,” said Beth Savage, president of PQ Systems. “As our company heads into this next chapter, we’re excited to be a part of Advantive to further grow, scale, and change the manufacturing industry for the better.”

PQ Systems helps manufacturers optimize process performance and improve product quality with its two key product offerings. Both solutions, SQCpack, an easily scalable SPC software solution, and GAGEpack, a calibration management solution, optimize the manufacturing process for customers.

With the addition of these solutions, Advantive is better primed to deliver on the goal of industry transformation and continue to expand SPC and gage calibration management capabilities.

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