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Advanced Robotic Inspection Solutions Showcased At Robotics World Conference 2022

Waygate Technologies, a leading provider of non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions for industrial inspection, will present selected highlights of advanced robotic and remote visual inspection at SPRINT Robotics World Conference 2022. The largest global exhibition for inspection and maintenance robotics will take place at RAI in Amsterdam on September 27/28. Waygate Technologies is supporting the trade show as a Platinum sponsor.

The exhibited solutions create new ways to inspect for the oil and gas as well as petrochemicals industries by eliminating the need for human entry in confined and hazardous spaces. Waygate Technologies will showcase its robotic and visual solutions BIKE, BRIC, 3D LOC and Everest Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe for increased safety, productivity and data gathering during inspections of large-scale technical facilities consisting of vessels, tanks and pipes as well as boilers and gas turbines, among others.

BIKE – ultramobile and versatile robotic platform

The BIKE platform is an ultra-mobile magnetic wheeled robotic platform used for the inspection of hard-to-reach areas in power plants and for multiple applications in the oil and gas industry, such as the inspection of pressure vessels, reactors or pipes, as well as stacks, (buried) storage tanks and heat exchangers. The lightweight platform is capable of passing convex and concave corners of up to 90 degrees, can be fully remote controlled and equipped with navigation aids such as front and rearview cameras and 3D localization sensors to provide information about the robots’ position in complex environments. Like a carrier, BIKE can be equipped with any NDT modules such as pan-tilt inspection cameras, ultrasonic probes, phased array, eddy current and e-mat probes, or it can hold a video borescope. With the Integrated Control Station (ICS 2) it is operated with a robust and reliable all-in-one tool. The system can be tailored to the customer’s specific needs.

BRIC – robotic service for safe and efficient boiler inspection and cleaning

With BRIC (an acronym for Boiler Robotic Inspection & Cleaning), a service that uses state-of-the-art robotics, any physical risks (e.g. confined space entry) connected to the inspection and water-jet cleaning of industrial boilers can be eliminated. The service provides more precise data than many other inspection technologies in this field, capturing 95% more high-quality data than conventional inspections. Three separate ultrasonic sensors deliver reliable wall thickness data. The included proprietary 3D LOC technology creates a digital twin of boilers and geotags all collected data, allowing customers to predict the lifetime and weigh the risk of components within their facility. BRIC dramatically reduces inspection costs and turnaround time (TAT), for customers operating in the chemicals industry.

3D LOC – interactive robot control for highest planning reliability

3D LOC is an innovative tool to plan, simulate and execute robotic inspections. The system provides full 3D spatial awareness of the robot in the asset and allows 3D interactive robot control. Inspection data is automatically tagged with the precise position in the asset, and a digital twin containing all the inspection data is created. Inspection reports are generated automatically, and the data can be uploaded into asset performance management systems.

Everest Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe – video borescope to measure all aspects of surface indications

The Everest Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe (MViQ) is a highly advanced professional video borescope with built-in artificial intelligence to provide superior accuracy for inspections even in the toughest environments with the highest Probability of Detection (POD) for indications such as dents, nicks, tears and cracks. With MViQ, customers in the energy, petrochemicals and aerospace industries can map, measure and analyze indications in 3D and share the images wirelessly with remote experts. As the industry’s first video borescope to feature advanced analytics, including computer vision and machine learning, the Everest Mentor Visual iQ Video Probe streamlines the inspection workflow, saving time and increasing inspection productivity.

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