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Advanced Inspection Solutions For Efficient and Safe Battery Production

Waygate Technologies is participating in the Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany (28-30 June). The industrial inspection solutions provider will showcase its broad portfolio of high-quality X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) systems that support quality control and failure analysis at all stages of a battery’s life cycle.

With Phoenix V|tome|x S and Phoenix Speed|scan HD, Waygate Technologies is putting two examples of its micro- & nanofocus X-ray and CT systems at centre stage. Both are designed to answer the growing need of the battery industry for faster development and production cycles of advanced battery systems while at the same time ensuring highest quality and safety standards.

The Phoenix V|tome|x S is the next generation of Waygate Technologies’ versatile industrial 2D radiography and 3D CT system making R&D and production quality control processes much more efficient.

The model V|tome|x S is the world’s most sold industrial dual-tube CT system. Among other Phoenix systems, it can automatically switch between a 180 kV/20 W high-power nanofocus X-ray tube and a 240 kV/320 W microfocus X-ray tube with its proven Dual|tube technology. This allows the system to cover inspection challenges from extreme high-resolution nanoCT scans of low absorbing materials to 3D microCT analysis of high absorbing objects. Its Dynamic 41|200p+ detector technology allows for higher resolution and image quality at much faster scan times. With the new DXR S100 Pro detector option with 100 µm pixel size, even the smallest defects can be checked. The revised, more spacious cabin design further increases efficiency of use with easy sample loading and servicing and the additional tilt axis enables flexible 2D X-ray battery inspection where CT is not needed.

Together with its advanced 2D inspection software X|act, its exclusive Flash image optimization software and a highly intuitive CT scanning software for fully automated data acquisition and volume processing, the Phoenix V|tome|x S includes a great bundle of tools for highly reliable and efficient battery cell and module inspection.

Waygate Technologies is also showcasing the newest member in its fleet of CT systems: Phoenix Speed|scan HD, a fully automated high-speed microCT scanner designed for the atline and inline inspection of all major parts of the battery. It features fully automated robot loading of a dual manipulator and, allows nonstop 24/7 operation. That means manufacturers can “scan around the clock” to keep up with production shifts and reach their zero defect target by inspecting up to 100% of production volume.

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