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Adjustable Cathetometer for Non-Contact Vertical Displacement Measurements Launched

Titan Tool Supply, supplier of industrial-grade optical instrumentation and precision micro finishing tools, has announced the introduction of its Model TC-II Cathetometer.

The Model TC-II Cathetometer performs accurate, precise, non-contact measurements of both vertical displacement parameters and linear distances between two points, in areas which might be otherwise inaccessible to an indicator, scriber, or other mechanical checking device due to distance or combinations of blended curves, as well as in other applications where remote viewing may be preferable or required.

Design of the Model TC-II Cathetometer incorporates an industrial-grade micro telescope together with a simple ‘crosshair’ reticle, the latter of which is mounted in the eyepiece. The reticle itself features vertical and horizontal divisions, as well as two concentric circles and an adjustable focal length range from 4” to infinity. The Model TC-II maybe be attached to any standard Height Gauge 18” or larger via its 1/4” X 1/2” holding bar, and in place of an indicator or scriber attachment. As the Cathetometer weighs less than one pound, it can level perfectly on even the lightest Height Gauge. Typical applications for the Model TC-II Cathetometer include liquid level measurements, barometer calibrations, and instrumentation readouts of liquid column thermometers and manometers.

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