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Additive Manufacturing AI Co-Pilot Now Available For Autodesk Fusion

1000 Kelvin, a developer of AI copilots for manufacturing, has announced availability of its AI co-pilot AMAIZE as a plug-in for Autodesk´s Fusion integrated CAD/CAM software platform. Announced at the Additive Manufacturing User Group Conference (AMUG 2024), AMAIZE enables design and manufacturing companies to 3D print complex components quickly and efficiently.

AMAIZE uses machine learning models informed by physics and manufacturing data to predict design and print issues and output optimal print files that result in successful prints. As a result, engineers using additive manufacturing can eliminate physical trial and error cycles, and handle more complex parts which would otherwise require extensive and time-consuming design iterations.

“Availability of AMAIZE on the Autodesk App Store is set to transform manufacturing operations,” said Katharina Eissing, CTO and Co-founder of 1000 Kelvin. “This integration will improve manufacturing productivity by increasing uptime, significantly reducing lead times, bolstering process stability, and expediting the training process for staff to gain expertise in 3D printing. I am very excited to partner with Autodesk to democratize additive manufacturing.”

These improvements are particularly beneficial for precision additive manufacturing companies that are currently facing challenges due to escalating costs and an aging workforce.

“One of AI’s greatest benefits is its ability to simplify complex processes, expanding access to powerful technology beyond a small circle of domain experts,” said Stephen Hooper, Autodesk Vice President, Design & Manufacturing Product Development. “By automating the setup and programming of industrial-grade print processes, 1000 Kelvin’s AI, integrated with Autodesk Fusion in the cloud, unlocks the opportunity for a much broader pool of professionals to be successful with additive manufacturing. I’m very excited to be offering AMAIZE to Fusion users.”

“One of the main challenges in the manufacturing industry, and especially the US today, is the talent shortage, which is holding companies back from scaling to fulfill fast-growing demand in the market,” said Omar Fergani, CEO and Co-founder of 1000 Kelvin. “Our AI co-pilot AMAIZE is an enabler to overcoming this hurdle, helping companies secure their know-how.”

1000 Kelvin enables companies using additive manufacturing in production to get qualified parts to market faster at a lower cost. The company’s AMAIZE software is the ‘AI co-pilot’ for engineers, using AI models to predict print issues, perform corrections, and generate print files specific to a machine. With AMAIZE, users get prints right the first time.

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