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AccuFlex Coordinate Measuring Machine Series Launched

Made to Measure has launched the AccuFLEX series of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Constructed in the United States, this new machine line includes bridge, shop floor, horizontal and gantry models to serve a wide range of industries and applications.

AccuFLEX elite

“Our AccuFLEX portfolio is unlike any other in the industry. It not only addresses current client needs, but it is designed to support the evolving environment with its open software platform,” stated Sven Bley, President and CEO of Made to Measure. “Every machine comes with either Modus or Verisurf software, but clients have the freedom to use virtually any CMM software.”

Every AccuFLEX CMM is powered by Renishaw controllers, amplifiers, and scales, permitting any Renishaw probe head technology to be utilized. Options include Renishaw’s 3-axis PH10, its 5-axis PH20, as well as its revolutionary 5-Axis, scanning REVO-2. Renishaw controllers are not only compatible with all its probing systems, but also with all its sensors, which are I++ DME compliant, allowing integration with almost any CMM software. In addition, with the durable Renishaw gold-plated scales, superior dependability, and repeatability, as low as 1.9 µm, can be achieved.

Furthermore, the AccuFLEX CMM line easily gathers non-contact measurements at the highest accuracy level with Nikon’s L100 and LC15DX CMM laser scanners. Every machine is equipped with Tsunami’s Air Filtration System, which eliminates virtually all contaminants from the compressed air system.

“Made to Measure not only sells AccuFLEX CMMs, but our team of metrologists and technicians use them every day. We know first-hand about the accuracy, speed, and flexibility required to inspect high-volume, tight-tolerance and complex geometries. We supply CMMs that offer superior capabilities and bring unparalleled value to every client project,” declared Bley.

AccuFLEX CMM Portfolio

AccuFLEX elite is a traditional bridge-style CMM, which provides uncompromising accuracy and versatility. Its all-granite construction provides stable performance. With a zero hysteresis belt drive, smooth repeatable movement can be achieved. It is ideal for serving the medical, aerospace, plastics, and machining industries. AccuFLEX elite is available in a range of measuring volumes from 500 x 600 x 400mm to 1500 x 2500 x 1400mm.

AccuFLEX horizon

AccuFLEX enduro is a rugged CMM designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a shop floor. Its compact size, no air requirements, and temperature compensation allow it to be easily positioned next to a production line. With a measuring volume of 700 x 600 x 500mm and a measuring accuracy of 2.5 + L/300 µm, the AccuFLEX enduro is an operator friendly CMM, which does not require a trained Metrologists to operate. Axis have high precision linear guideways with machine dynamics of 700mm/sec velocity and 1200mm/sec/sec acceleration.

AccuFLEX atlas

AccuFLEX horizon is a horizontal arm CMM, ideal for measuring parts that are exceptionally long or tall including body-in-white components and sub-assemblies. This flexible machine is constructed of a granite base, spring balanced Z-axis and an advanced composite Y-axis for stability. It is available in single or dual arm configurations and suitable for the shop floor. It best serves the automotive industry, large assembly, and sheet metal fabricators.

AccuFLEX atlas has an open-access structure, enabling easy inspection of large parts. This gantry CMM offers high precision bearings in all axes, which allows it to measure large or heavy parts with accuracy starting at 5 + L/350 µm.

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