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5 Axis CMM Software Offers High-Performance Industrial Inspection

Renishaw’s MODUS metrology software continues to lead the way in high-performance industrial inspection, providing an optimal platform for the performance of Renishaw’s REVO 5‑axis multi-sensor measurement system for coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).The flagship REVO system offers six interchangeable sensors, all on a single CMM and all with the speed, accuracy and flexibility of a 5-axis system.

In addition to optimised support for REVO’s latest sensor, the new RUP1 ultrasonic probe, the latest MODUS1.12 version offers multiple enhancements in flexibility and usability for existing REVO sensors, such as the ACM angle change mirror for the RVP vision probe. New features in this new release include upgrading the software to a 64-bit application that will support large CAD models, advanced filtering options in line with ISO 16610 standards, and characteristics-based reporting.

MODUS 1.12 also enhances process monitoring capability by linking directly to the Renishaw Central manufacturing data platform, making it easy for a variety of systems and processes to access Renishaw device data.

Programmers benefit from multiple new MODUS features including enhanced tolerancing to the latest ISO and ASME standards which take advantage of advances in GD&T tolerancing standards, and the ability to support the Quality Information Framework (QIF) standard for exporting metrology data.

MODUS Planning Suite – Curve sketch

Specific tools in MODUS for programming (MODUS Planning Suite) and reporting (MODUS CHART) have also been enhanced with powerful new features.

MODUS Planning Suite is designed to provide CMM users with specialised tools that scan curves and sweep surfaces, maximising the efficiency of the REVO system. It automatically plans around complex geometry with minimal user input and removes the need for online CMM prove-out using three innovative software tools: MODUS Patch, MODUS Curve and now, MODUS Blade.

MODUS Patch delivers the most efficient measurement path with the REVO RSP2 sensor, quickly and easily, with automatic on-surface planning of sweep scans.

MODUS Curve provides increased capability to measure complex geometries using different probe assemblies. Curves can be defined by the selection of edges from the CAD model or by clicking points on a plane. MODUS Curve also introduces constrained motion measurement. Constraining one or more axes of the CMM maximises the use of the REVO system head motion and minimises the motion of the CMM. This presents the opportunity to measure parts quicker or achieve a higher level of accuracy from an existing machine.

The latest addition to the MODUS Planning Suite, MODUS Blade, enables the user to plan sweep scans on concave and convex, leading and trailing edge surfaces. The settings and measurement strategies allow the user to customise the measurement paths, providing the ability to control the number of sweeps per surface and change the direction of measurements between longitudinal and transverse sweeps, facilitating the full blade inspection.

The MODUS CHART software package uses QIF XML files and generates rich reports showing graphical information against the true location on the part using the part CAD model.

Reporting functionality includes on-CAD plots with flexible callout positioning and configuration, surface heatmap colouring and automatically generated feature tables for the display of all feature tolerances. The new errors-only reporting option allows for the quick creation of reports which only include features that are out of tolerance, reducing report size and focusing on the results which are most important.

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