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4D Technology Launches High Resolution Fizeau Interferometer

4D Technology has announced the release of its AccuFiz Fizeau interferometer, now with a nine-megapixel camera for higher slope tolerance through superior spatial resolution. The new camera can resolve surfaces with high slopes, up to 1250 interference fringes per field of view. It will also provide a greater tolerance in measuring isolated islands of data in a measurement.

As a Fizeau interferometer, AccuFiz instruments are used for qualifying the shape and flatness of optical surfaces like mirrors and lenses, and for measuring the transmitted wavefront error of optical systems, and the homogeneity of optical materials.

As a 4D Technology instrument, AccuFiz systems offer powerful options such as switchable dynamic acquisition, and a full range of apertures from 100 mm to 600 mm in diameter and a range of operating wavelengths from 532 nanometers to 1550 nanometers.

The AccuFiz interferometer runs on 4Sight Focus, 4D Technology’s 64-bit multithreaded software platform. 4Sight Focus provides a clear, simplified interface and blazing fast analysis. New functionality in the software includes enhanced masking, a powerful built-in database, and the technology for acquiring and manipulating large numbers of measurements very quickly.

Said Erik Novak, General Manager of 4D Technology, “The AccuFiz interferometer line represents the most versatile suite of instruments we offer for optical metrology. It’s a full-featured and highly automated family, with a mature range of accessories. Customers with vibration sensitive, long-path applications use dynamic interferometry, while those that can tolerate temporal phase shifting enjoy an excellent Instrument Transfer Function, ensuring high precision, low retrace error measurements.”

The new AccuFiz laser interferometer with a nine-megapixel camera and the 4Sight Focus analysis software continues 4D Technology’s tradition of offering some of the world’s highest-performing interferometers, backed by industry-leading service and applications support.

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