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3D Transparent Scanning Spray Allows Color and Contour Capture

AESUB transparent is a new scan spray that temporarily mattes glossy surfaces with a transparent film. This allows optical scanners to capture not only the surface contours but also the color values of the measured object at the same time. As traditional scanning sprays produce a white coating, capturing color information has not been possible when using previous spray variants.

AESUB transparent does not contain any pigments and is also free from health hazard titanium dioxide. The spray creates a layer thickness of approximately 8 to 15 µm. The coating evaporates after approximately four hours with no cleaning required. Similar to the other sublimating scanning sprays, AESUB transparent can be applied directly onto the scanning region.

AESUB transparent is used in 3D scanning when, besides dimension and contour, also the color information of an object shall be captured. Especially in reverse engineering of complex parts with extensive color information, AESUB transparent significantly simplifies and accelerates the scanning process.

Reference points, such as the AESUB dots, also adhere to the transparent matting layer and can be easily removed again after scanning.

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