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3D Scanner Sets New Standard in Accuracy and Detail

3DMakerpro has Introduced SEAL and SEAL Lite next-generation scanners. With groundbreaking optical solutions, the scanners set a new standard for 3D scanning and redefine the price of consumer-grade scanners.

Setting a New Standard in Accuracy and Detail

SEAL introduces a range of optical solutions that push the boundaries of what consumer-grade scanners can achieve. Its Blue Light Encoded Structured Light technology projects refined structured light with a wavelength of 400 to 500 nanometers, enabling an exceptional accuracy of 0.01mm. 

This level of precision allows SEAL to 3D capture even the tiniest dents, textures, and edges, delivering unparalleled detail in high-resolution 3D models. With a minimum point spacing of 0.05mm and a 24-bit color depth, SEAL ensures impressive resolution and lifelike texture representation in every scan.

Seamless Scanning Experience

SEAL combines advanced optical systems and JMStudio algorithms to provide a smooth and efficient scanning experience. Optical stabilization filters eliminate unwanted jitter, resulting in continuous and shake-free scanning. 

With its rapid scanning capability of collecting 100,000 points per second, SEAL enables swift scanning of various objects. SEAL’s 9-level light adjustment ensures optimal scanning performance across various colors, materials, and lighting conditions. Its lightweight design and effective heat dissipation make it a portable and user-friendly device.

Intelligent Kits for Enhanced Performance

SEAL takes the scanning experience to the next level with its intelligent kits, designed to maximize the scanner’s performance and capabilities. The Smart Grip accessory enables on-the-go scanning by connecting SEAL to a smartphone. With the Scan Distance Indicator, users can easily adjust the scan range, providing greater flexibility in capturing objects of different sizes. The one-click scan button simplifies the scanning process, allowing users to start and finish scans effortlessly. Even better, SEAL’s 10,000 mAh battery gives you up to 240 minutes of continuous scanning or approximately 100 scan sessions.

Automation and Customization

To cater to both beginners and experts, SEAL offers a Multi-Axis Turntable that automates the scanning process. Beginners can achieve professional-quality scans with ease, while experts can customize the scanning process using script editing. The turntable enables the scanning of objects from various angles, ensuring complete 3-sided scanning. Bluetooth connectivity allows seamless interaction with JMStudio via smartphones, enhancing the scanner’s portability and usability. With a 90° swivel arm and a customizable fixture, SEAL accommodates objects ranging from 10mm to 100mm in size.

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